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Esmeralda Archer is an advocate of the learning process and a disruptor of traditional education. She has worked on this concept for the past 7 years with 20 years of teaching behind her. Hundreds of students across the country have used her services and are enjoying the freedoms of self-directed education as attendees of renowned universities such as Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, USC, and Michigan to name a few. Her process is simple and effective, giving students the ability to actively take control of their paths to success.

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"Esmeralda and her staff are AMAZING!!! From the moment I spoke with her, she was nothing but helpful. My son has struggled in school for years and I was having problems with some of the teachers.

Esmeralda went with me to his IEP meeting to make sure I had all the proper accommodations. My son went to their HW club Mon-Thurs from the week for about 1.5 months and his grades went from D's & F's to C's & B's!!! I can't thank them enough. Looking forward to the grades my son will get this semester since we will be working with her the whole semester!"

-Ms. Jones


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