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About Us

Get to know our philosophy and services to see why we are the best choice for you! 


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Esmeralda Archer is an advocate of the learning process and a disruptor of traditional education. She has worked on this concept for the past 7 years with 20 years of teaching behind her. Hundreds of students across the country have used her services and are enjoying the freedoms of self-directed education as attendees of renowned universities such as Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, USC, and Michigan to name a few. Her process is simple yet effective, giving students the ability to actively take control of their paths to success.

She started teaching at Los Angeles Pierce College and quickly realized that struggling students were not having issues due to challenging material, but were failing because they did not know how to study. Archer then designed and led several study skills seminars at Pierce and ran a program at the college learning center dedicated to helping students learn how to learn.


After several years at LAPC, she branched out into the community and for the past 15 years has been helping students of all ages discover their own paths to success.  

Our Team

At StudyPage all our staff has been trained to help our students reach their academic potential. Each tutor brings to the table their own knack for helping students thrive.


We specialize the entire academic journey:


  • Phonics

  • Math Skills

Middle school

  • Making the most of Middle School 

  • Study Skills: test taking, organization, time management

  • Test Prep: ISEE/CHSPE/ERB

High School 

  • Hacking High School 


  • College Applications


  • Career Counseling  

  • Course Selection 

  • Transfer Application 


  • Motivation 

  • Computer Skills

  • ESL 

  • Resume Writing