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We can help you find the perfect tutor to fit your needs 

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Our tutors are available via zoom, in-home, or in-person at our nearest center!

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Esmeralda, The Anti-Tutor

Specialties (K - College)

SAT/ACT/ISEE PREP | ALL K-12 subjects | High-level Math & Science | Study Skills, Phonics & Writing

Get to Know Esmeralda

"I started Studypage in 2010 after working at the local community college helping students in high drop rate classes succeed. I discovered that students were failing not because the course material was too hard, but because they had no idea how to study!" - The Anti-Tutor


Jason, Zoom Tutor

Specialties (6th - College)

Mathematics: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, PreCalculus, Calculus, AP Calculus AB/BC

Physics: General Physics, H Physics, AP Physics 1/2, AP Physics C:Mechanics, AP Physics C:Electricity & Magnetism

Chemistry: General Chemistry, H Chemistry, AP Chemistry

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Anastasiia Tutor

Specialties (K - College)

Elementary (Common Core), Middle School: Math (Pre Algebra - Algebra 1), English (Reading Comp. - Writing Skills), Science (Life Science - Physical Science), History (Ancient/World History - Modern History), High School: Math (Algebra 1 - Statistics), Literature, History (U.S, History - Ap History, Gov/Econ), Languages (Russian, English), Study Skills, Essay Writing, Graphic Design, Art. Experience with students experience with Autism Spectrum, ADHD, ADD, and Dyslexia

Get to Know Ana

Anastasiia's goal is to help students grasp challenging concepts while developing a lifelong passion for learning. She loves teaching Math, English, History, and Psychology. She has vast experience helping students with learning differences. 


Tiffany, Tutor

Specialties (K - 6th)

K-6 ALL SUBJECTS, Study Skills, Time Management, Organization, Phonics, Play-based Learning. Graphic Design, Art. Experience with students with Executive Dysfunction, ADHD, and other learning differences

Get to Know Tiffany

Tiffany's enthusiasm lies in helping students navigate their learning journey with care. She is a firm advocate of getting the best results with less stress, and making sure tasks are handled efficiently to avoid burnout. She tailors each session to fit one's needs. 

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Ryan, Tutor

Specialties (5th - College)

Elementary (common core), Middle School: Math (Pre Algebra - Algebra 1), English (reading comp - writing skills), Science (Life Science - Physical Science), History (Ancient/World history - Modern History), Math (Algebra 1 - Statistics), High School: English (Literature), Science (Life Science - Physics), History (U.S. History - AP History, Econ/Gov), College Level Courses, Study Skills, Essay Writing

Get to Know Ryan

Ryan is an innately curious teacher who hopes to instill a passion for the quest of knowledge in his students, and achieve their academic goals. It gives a Ryan a great deal of fulfillment to see his clients realize their full potential inside and outside the classroom. He is excited to meet you and help you achieve your goals!


Alexsa, Tutor

Specialties (K - )

Get to Know Alexsa

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Ethyn, Tutor

Specialties (5th - College)

K-5 ALL SUBJECTS | 6-12  English, Grammar, Essay writing, Study Skills, Organization, Time Management, World History, US History, Government, Religion, College Level Writing, Nutrition, Music. Experience with students with ADHD, ODD, dyslexia, and other learning differences 

Get to Know Ethyn

Ethyn has a knack for working with kids with learning differences. His patience is notable and has a way of making his students feel confident. He has an approach that is motivating and personable. He is passionate about music, health, history, and literature.

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Eddie, Tutor

Specialties (K - 12th)

Algbebra I, Algebra II, Chemistry, Elementary and Middle School English, Science, Math, and History, Event Host

Get to Know Eddie

Eddie is an experienced tutor who has been with Studypage for 4 years. He excels at helping students grow and exceed their own expectations. He has experience helping students with learning differences and loves teaching Math and Science. 

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Sam, Tutor

Specialties (K - 5th)

Elementary - Middle School (Common Core), Enrichment, English (Reading Comp. - Writing Skills), History (Ancient/World History - Modern History) (U.S, History - Ap History, Gov/Econ), High School Literature (AP Literature - AP Language), Languages (English, Spanish 1), Study Skills, Essay Writing, Art
Experience with students experience with Autism Spectrum, ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia, and Speech or Language Impairment

Get to Know Sam

Sam is working towards her B.S. at CSUN. Sam prioritizes helping her students overcome their academic struggles to become more confident in themselves. Her artistic abilities make learning fun, creative, and she also accommodates any learning difficulties. She is great at teaching English, Writing, Literature, and History.

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Jasmine, Tutor

Specialties (K - College)

K-8 ALL SUBJECTS | High School:  English, Essay Writing, Study Skills, History, Science, Film Studies, French Language, Creative Writing, Organization, Time Management, Religion, College Level: Writing, English & Literature, Film Theory. Experience with students with OCD, ADHD, and anxiety.

Get to Know Jasmine

Jasmine loves supporting students in their journey of learning and helping them find what they are passionate about. She knows that each student learns differently from one another and makes sure that each lesson has an individualized approach to best fit the student's needs. She looks forward to working with you!

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