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Discover how Studypage can enhance your child's learning!

Our exciting summer program is filled with fun!

Study page is where learning meets play in the most creative and engaging way!


Our aim is to foster a fun and educational environment that stimulates children's curiosity and encourages their love for learning. Throughout the program, we'll be incorporating various play-based activities that will ignite their imagination, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

We believe that learning can be integrated into every aspect of life, including art! In our Math & Art Fusion class, children will explore the connection between numbers and creativity. They'll engage in coloring activities that incorporate mathematical concepts like patterns, symmetry, and geometric shapes. By merging art and math, they'll develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for both subjects.

Weekly Packages Starting June 17th to Aug 9th


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Study Hall is also available for students K-12!

Daily Passes June 17th to Aug 9th

Daily Packages


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Children will dive into the world of Lego construction and storytelling. They'll have the opportunity to build their own unique creations using Lego bricks and then bring them to life through imaginative storytelling. By connecting their creations to narratives, children will develop their language skills, creativity, and story structure understanding.

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Explore the wonders of architecture and structural design. Using materials such as sticks, paper, and flashcards, kids will get hands-on experience in building their own structures. They'll learn about engineering principles, balance, and stability, all while having a blast constructing their own mini-architectural wonders.

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Lab Adventures

Aspiring scientists will embark on exciting experiments and discover the wonders of science. One of the highlights will be creating lava lamps, where children will explore the concepts of density and chemical reactions. They'll also practice writing lab reports to enhance their science communication skills, documenting their findings and observations.

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Slime Lab

Prepare to get your hands messy in the Slime Lab! Kids will become junior chemists as they learn about the properties of different substances and combine ingredients to create various types of slime. They'll follow recipes, measure quantities, and conduct experiments to achieve different textures and colors. This hands-on activity will nurture their curiosity and scientific thinking.

The program will also include a wide range of art projects that allow kids to express their creativity and develop their fine motor skills. From painting to sculpture, children will have the chance to explore various artistic mediums and techniques. Our instructors will guide them through the process, encouraging them to think critically and reflect on their creations. Throughout the program, we'll make sure to connect the learning experiences to the things kids love. Whether it's incorporating their favorite books, movies, hobbies, or interests, we'll create engaging activities that spark their enthusiasm and make learning meaningful to them.

Get ready for a summer filled with play, creativity, and endless learning opportunities! Our program aims to inspire and empower children, fostering a love for exploration and knowledge that will stay with them long after the summer ends.

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