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Quarantine AP Exams Update

There are many changes this month regarding the AP exams. I suggest that you take a look at the detailed 50-page document about the upcoming AP exams provided by CollegeBoard. If you'd rather not, here is a quick summary of the document.

Basically, AP exams will now be only 45 minutes long and administered online. They are only going to ask one DBQ question. There will not be any multiple-choice or any other type of questions. Just one DBQ and 45 minutes to answer it. Furthermore, they are removing the parts fo the AP exams that were not covered before the quarantine. Many units and sections will not be covered on the test. Go online and see what specific chapters will be covered so that you are not studying material that doesn't matter.

Speaking of studying, forget memorizing a whole bunch of material. College Board is making the AP exams as easy as possible this year. The AP will be open book, open note, any study material you need EXCEPT internet search. Therefore, the exams should be easy because it all comes down to organization and preparation. If you are organized correctly, you should be able to quickly find the resources that you need to write a good DBQ response.

As far as cheating, they will be taking a lot of precautions to make sure you don’t cheat. As tempting as it may be, do not use Google. In the 50-page document, College Board said they will put false information on Google to lead students astray and easily identify who is cheating. Again as tempting as it may be, avoid using Google because it will cost you your AP score. The best approach for the exam is to get prepared, organize all of your notes and information, and practice writing DBQs in 45 minutes.

As of today, they are allowing students to log on and practice taking an AP. I suggest that all students do this. Get comfortable with their website portal, so you aren’t learning how to use it during your AP exam. Log in now in order to get used to it and make sure all the glitches are ironed out before taking your AP exam.

Last of all, below is a print out of the schedule. The e-ticket that was emailed to you indicates the time of your Ap exam in EASTERN STANDARD TIME. So if you live in a different time zone, make sure that you know exactly when your exam is taking place. Furthermore, CollegeBoard states that all students should log in 30 minutes before their exam time.

Please feel free to reach out to me via or 818-585-1833 with any questions. For all students about to take the AP Exam, my advice to you is to get all of your study materials organized perfectly, so when you get your DBQ question, you know exactly where the information is that you need. Or in simpler terms: prepare and practice, practice, practice.

Best of luck. I hope you all do well with your studies and you guys got this!

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