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How to Rock Quarantine

I know this time is very hard on students, but that doesn’t mean they can't take advantage of the opportunities quarantine is creating. There are many things teens can do to make the best use of their downtime during the quarantine. At StudyPage, we created a page called Rock Quarantine that lists productive options that we are challenging your teen to explore during this hiatus from school.

Most of the students submitting 2021 college applications will include something about how they influenced their community during the quarantine. Whether it is sewing masks, organizing socially distant community events, raising and donating money to help others in need, they will reference something they accomplished during the quarantine. This is why leadership is important to demonstrate during the quarantine.

An easy way to demonstrate leadership is to form a club. Spend this downtime creating and assembling a club that you want to be a part of during the school year. Try to think of a club that your school is currently missing at your school. The ability to identify gaps in services or products is a great life skill. Approach this with the perspective that if there isn't something out there meeting your needs, then that means the needs of others in your community aren't being met either. or consider a club related to what you want to pursue in college. Another possibility is choosing an activity that is either trendy or involving technology, such as robotics or 3d printing. These types of clubs are fun and people will want to sign up! On the other hand, you may wish to choose a club revolving around something unique about yourself or something you identify with, such as women in business or your ethnicity.

In order to start the process, you will need a teacher as an advocate who will mentor and advise your club. Email one of your teachers, or reach out to someone you know who participates in these kinds of organizations so you can ask the right questions. Finish this step before the semester is over so you know what you need to do between now and the start of the school year in the fall. Starting a club is a great way to do something to demonstrate leadership and that you are a driven individual who is involved in your community.

Another route to take is to choose an activity that will complement the major you wish to pursue in college. If you want to study business, get involved with a business, or start a business of your own. If you want to study Marine Biology, create a report that shows how COVID is affecting marine biology. During quarantine, you have so much free time on your hands and so much info at your fingertips that you can study, research, create a report and contact people who can help you make changes during this time. Regardless of what productive activity you choose, at least one of the following will result from doing so:

  1. You will learn that you love what you are planning on studying.

  2. You will find that you hate it and you switch your major in time, rather than waste time in college.

At the end of the day, regardless of the quarantine, it is important for you to do something that stands out as unique and complements what you want to do as a student or in your future potential career. So try to learn as much as you can by exploring and trying new things to show colleges you are not only committed but a great candidate because you are original and unique.

Good luck!

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