"I have been running after-

school HW PODs for over 15 years"

I can help you through this process

Setting up a POD   Managing a POD   Using our facility for a POD  Learning more about PODs

Take control of this school year and BOOK OUT our center just for you!

Enjoy our Homework Club staffed with tutors ready to assist a group of your choosing with all of their academic needs. These students can be of different grade levels and go to different schools. Our Club provides an enriching environment for students to gain a small classroom experience so that your child feels safe and encouraged to learn. Our small school atmosphere will help promote a sense of normalcy during this troubling time.  

Choose from either 2, 3, or 5 times a week to meet with a minimum of 6 students of your choosing (Maximum number fo kids at each center is 8). Our center will bill each parent monthly and design a program to fit each child's specific needs.

Book today! 

Space is limited!

call/text 818-585-1833 for more info

The cost of each session is as follows:

Each session is 3hrs 

These sessions are STILL available for a private POD (min 6 students) 

Twice a week ......................$288/month per student 

Three times a week ..........$432/month per student 

Five times a week ........$600/month per student 

Registration FEE is $99/student for supplies and a full diagnostic evaluation of math, reading, and writing level upon entering club.



SESSION B (12pm)




SESSION B (12pm)