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Amended Refund Policy 2020

Due to this unprecedented economic time and the increase in refund requests during 2020. We have decided to amend our refund policy. Our previous policy can be found at :



If you would like to request a refund please fill out the following form at the bottom of this page and all refunds will be funded during the month of June 2021.


I have chosen this date because I am hoping that with the unforeseen circumstances of the school year we can find a way to remedy the balance you are owed by taking advantage of the many learning opportunities offered by my center. 


This is why I am not only willing to credit you the amount owed but allowing you to gift this credit to any friend or family member. In addition when looking to use this credit towards any of our services, I would like to offer you a discount of 30% towards its use. 


This means, for example,  that my general $80 rate for subject tutoring would only be $56! when applying said credit.


This can be applied to all products and services at my center: 

  • Zoom Tutoring 

  • Study Skills Tutoring 

  • Life Skills/College Prep- Summer before college

  • Finals Prep

  • Test Prep

  • Use of our Learning Centers (Tarzana & Westlake) 

  • In house tutoring 

  • As well as tutoring while in COLLEGE! tutoring


(Many of my students use my services for GRE, ATI, TEAS, ELM, LSAT and other college test prep!) 


We are all trying to get through this hard time and the changes to my business model have been devastating but these unforeseen events should not cost my students. Therefore I have removed the no refund policy and will issue any and all refunds at the end of this school year but I urge you to find a way for me to repay you with a service I offer. 



Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time and your continued support of my small privately-owned business.



In an effort to help our community, I am also furthermore offering for my students' credit to be awarded to an LA  student in need who is suffering academically and could use our services. We would love to make their academic dreams come true. Whether it is entering into a learning pod or receiving zoom tutoring your credit would be used towards helping a student who cannot afford tutoring to get the academic support he/she needs. 

Simply print and fill out the form and award your credit to a local student in need. 

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