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The PLS Kit

The PLS Kit helps with homework, time management, personal organization, studying and test taking. The kit includes a homework binder, studywise notebook, test taking power notebook, my time calendar, the stash and study box with organization file folder system. It takes 21 days to change habits, therefore, every kit comes with 3 one hour lessons over the course of three weeks to change the way your teen learns!

The PLS Kit


    Please be aware that we have a No Refund Policy for all services.  Refund requests, including, but not limited to, those made by Students who cannot attend or use services, regardless of the student’s reason(s), and regardless of whether the Student provides us with advance notice, will not be honored.  Should you choose to cancel a prepaid Package after attending your first session, you will be billed for the remaining amount of the Tutoring Package price and will receive credit for the remaining balance that you may use towards another package. In the event of switching to another Package, we offer the remaining balance as credit towards the next package.

    Exceptions may be made only in cases in which a Student cannot attend due to serious illness or the death of an immediate member of the Student’s family.  In these cases, official documentation may be required.

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