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Why Studypage?

Studypage is NOT a franchise! We are a family owned local business with

20 years of tutoring expertise behind us. We help our students learn how to HACK each exam and master how they learn. These strategies will help with problem-solving well beyond high school and college. Our sessions and group tutoring specialize in the specific needs of each student, giving them exactly what they need to succeed!


All test prep    done    by 

the owner!

Same tutor for both

Math and English!

Affordable customizable 


Join us for a PERSONALIZED approach to SAT/ACT Test prep!


Most FLEXIBLE Boot Camp In Town!

Step One:   Try an SAT/ACT Boot Camp 

                       for FREE! 


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Our Sunday Boot Camps are a great way to review the foundations of the tests and learn how to HACK the test to ensure a score increase. 



What makes this the BEST Boot Camp?

- No two Boot Camps are alike!

- Join any time! Mix and Match! 

NOT a boring lecture out of a BOOK!

- The BOOT CAMP is an interactive on the spot  CRAM           


- Feels like a Math and English workout with gained skills         each time you come.

                    Just bring a pencil and a calculator! 




1st hour - MATH 

We cover general math topics and strategies for the test, such as: 

         - Pre-Algebra

         - Algebra 1 & 2

         - Geometry 

         - Trigonometry

         - Pre Calculus 

         - Statistics

2nd hour- ENGLISH 

Grammar review of topics covered on BOTH the SAT and ACT :   

        - Punctuation

        - Verb Tense

        - Idioms

        - Pronoun Usage

        - Subject-Verb Agreement

        - Reading skills along with the ESSAY 



Step Two:  Sign up for a FREE 1-hour consultation and                                receive an ACADEMIC GAMEPLAN!  

Meet with the Anti-Tutor to discuss the road to college.

During this family meeting we will:​

- Set goals

-Review all previous exams 

-Learn about the different exams and exams options

-Design a personalized package for your teen



Step Three: Choose which package works best for you.