Your safety is our top priority! 

All of our staff work solely for Studypage and make it their top priority to stay safe and keep our students safe.

We disinfect the office with a non-toxic medical grade solution that sanitizes not just disinfects. The fog in the video is composed of hydrogen peroxide and no toxic chemicals. 

Thank you - South Coast Water Damage for keeping our staff and families safe!

Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 7.24.27 PM.png

Every person who enters our center is required to get their 

temperature read before entering

Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 7.24.31 PM.png

All students wash their hands upon entering the building

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Tutors with have masks on at ALL times. Students will wear masks when working with others and upon exiting and entering. Students can pull down their masks during a break, snack, and when at their station more than 6 ft. away from others as to comply with any current safety recommendations 

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Both our Tarzana and Thousand Oaks center with have designated areas for each student 

6ft apart so they can meet all safety guidelines 

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All supplies with be cleaned and sanitized after use. Each item is disinfected once a person makes contact with it and all students get personalized pencil pouches and trays to use while at our center. 

If you have any questions or concerns 

please call/text